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Coaching Healing Therapy

Coaching Healing Therapy is a sacred and transformative practice, and I believe in its power to guide individuals towards profound personal growth and healing. The practice of Coaching Healing Therapy is available only by invitation after consultation with clients who are deeply committed to their own personal development. Due to the nature of this deeply transformative journey, I offer it only to clients who share the same level of dedication and commitment to their own self-discovery and evolution. Our initial consultation will be a crucial step in getting to know each other, understanding your unique needs, desires, and intentions for embarking on this transformative path. This meeting allows me to gain insights into your life’s journey, challenges, and aspirations, helping me assess whether Coaching Healing Therapy is the right fit for you.

​A weekly 90-minute therapy session will be combined with weekly “homework” and support as needed. In my role as a Spiritual Transformational Coach, I know that to move forward you need to examine your past, find out what’s not working in your life right now, and focus on having a clear vision and setting goals for the future. Together, we will elevate your well-being, personal growth, spirituality, relationships, and self-love to new levels of success and fulfilment.

​I am here to walk with you on this transformational journey. I will inspire you, motivate you, encourage you, and support you all the way as I genuinely care about you. And most importantly, I will help you to experience an amazing breakthrough. Embody your empowered self so that you may show up in the world with the presence you desire.